A Japanese painting is the pictures style to which it has 1000 and
hundreds of years of history,and technique, a material, and soul nature are inherited.
However, the Japanese paintings generally imagined the beauties of
nature,and a Buddhist painting and ukiyoe Even if it sees a "Japanese painting"
today, the work which is not understood whether to be oil painting
is in use apparently.

The word "Japanese painting"

First of all, the "Japanese painting" as language was built in the Meiji 20s.
In the pictures of the Western style which Japanese people draw when an European painting
enters with a "Japanese painting" (oil painting) It is a history term
with the meaning by being counterposed. And the wave of Western culture
and the Japanese tradition pictures which crowd one after another are
given how after Meiji. It was also a present age Japanese-style
painter's subject whether it is made to unite.

The difference from other pictures

The big difference from oil painting has the difference in
material simply. It cannot deny me that the difference between water,
oil, and its material has influence on work somewhat. Moreover, I think
that Eastern space consciousness, the space consciousness of Japan, and
Occidental space consciousness are what is different in each.
In Japanese pictures, I think that the "reverberation" which has not drawn
all is thought as important. There is "extract."
If it says intelligibly, although there is space in a Chinese drawing in India ink,
there is "no extract." Probably, it is too based on an aesthetic sense
peculiar to Japan that the difference performed like this comes out
although it is the pictures style which has descended from China.

Soulnature of Japan Moreover,

the consciousness of East which worships
nature is high and animism has permeated that it is natural. In the
aesthetic sense which comes from the feeling of religion since, as for
the West, the Christianity of "human worship" has permeated conversely I
think that there is an absolute difference. That is, oil painting and a
Japanese painting are early still more, in order to declare the
difference only in material. The problem which must be solved thinks of
me now, as it is in the bottom.

A future Japanese painting

The past great Japanese-style painters' distinguished services develop how after this.
I myself do not understand well.
However, these days when internationalization progresses "a Japanese identity"
since it comes to be cried time has passed, without solving a problem
However, I am a one woman whom was born to the 20th century, and
was able to regard the 21th century, If you want
to make by keeping in mind, I consider always.