Through my art works

As a painter, I paint nude women and men.

In relation to women, in my art works there is no "Feminine beauty""Sensuality","Glossiness"that a man, usually feels.
Only the "Emotion of women" are presemt in my works.

Recently, issues related to women become more complicated.
There are a lot of problems that cannot be explained, without a woman's viewpoint.
For example, things one feels and situations that one faces just because one is a woman.
I think that there are problems viewed from a woman's perspective which must be revealed and explained.

Through nude women's painting, I express my own "Feeling as a woman".
There is a "Silver leaf"pasted on the painting.
"Silver"expresses a "Woman's philosophy", and inside the "Silver leaf" the woman's nude body is squiening.
There are no words, only sounds of grooming.

As for the nude men artworks, I painted the men as beings who give women Llove"and "Sociality".

And finally about the nude couple, I painted a "Thirst for assimilaion" as the feelings of two contredictory sexes that pull against
each other, the weakest and most sensitive scene of which is a man and a woman.

I reduced the number of colours and removed any unnecessary information from the picture, where the emotion of the "Human being" well up.

I would like you to feel the deepness and weakness of human beings in my paintings.